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I dream in code.

I'm Not a Vampire, Just a Natural-Born Coder

I’ve always loved night-time. I feel smarter at night. For some reason, society has always tried to make me feel bad for that. I’ve been told so many times to just train myself to wake up at 6am, like that’s the only way to be successful, to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn. No matter what I tried, I could never really stick to that, my natural body clock would take over and I’d be burning the midnight oil.

Even in my old career, I showed up at the office at 1pm. No one really liked it, but they weren’t there at midnight with me either. There’s a beauty to working during times when others are not. There’s so many distractions that it’s like a constant fight to get something accomplished during the day. I actually think my schedule was pretty perfect; half the day is spent with people, with the final hours free from their distractions, and the day ends on a productive high-note.

Come to find out, I was just born to be a programmer.